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Location History allows Google (GOOG) to track every move Jan 24, 2018 anonymity - Does Google know that I am using Tor Browser Whenever I search something through Google using Tor Browser, it: Either shows me the Google Sorry page and doesn't allow me to proceed further: Or asks me to enter the CAPTCHA to view the search results: Either of the above two happens with every Google Search. It doesn't ever let me take to search results normally when using Tor Browser. How to Prevent YouTube from Keeping a Record of The Videos When you're logged into Google or YouTube, a record of all the videos you searched for and watch is logged in your account. You can clear those logs, but up until now you couldn't disable Keep Google From Tracking Your Every Move Online

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How to delete your Google search history and stop tracking Google notes that if you search on Maps for "football fields near me" or watch match highlights on YouTube, it can put two and two together that you're a football fan. Handily, you can see who Google Tracks Your Android Phone's Location No Matter What

Aug 15, 2018

Why does Mozilla Firefox use Google as their search engine if Google stores everything you search and track what you do online? I've got nothing against Firefox, I'm just wondering why. I just figured they wouldn't have since they don't track what people do. I figured they were against that. What Data of Mine Does Chrome Send to Google? Here's how Google, and Google representatives, describe the data that Chrome does and does not take in, and what Google does with it if it gets passed back to headquarters.