Same goes for TV3 can see the MY CLOUD, but TV1 and TV2 on the different router not. So there are actually two seperated networks (also two different wifi networks). Now what I want, is to set up the netgear router, so all the devices will be on the same network. For example so PC1 can see PC4 on the network. Or TV1 can see the MY CLOUD on the

How To Add a Second Router to Your Wireless Network Apr 09, 2019 Can I Use 2 Routers? - Broadband phone Can I use 2 routers on the same network? Connect the two routers using a wired connection from any of port 1-4 in router 1 to any of port 1-4 in router 2. You can use a Wireless Media Bridge or Powerline Ethernet Kit to create a wired connection. DO NOT use router 2’s WAN port.

Oct 18, 2019

Jun 24, 2019

How to Setup Multiple Routers - (Configure within 5 Mins)

Position a Second Router. When you set up a new router, place it near a Windows PC or another … How To Use Two Wireless Routers In The Same House In this case, you can use any two routers and you don’t lose any speed. Let’s look at the instructions for each type of setup: Connecting Two Wireless Routers Using Client Mode. If only one of your routers supports client mode, than that will be your client and the other router will be your primary router.