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The problem is that I have been trying to access the switch on the RIGHT(A3100) through the network but can't ping it( from anywhere. But the switch on the LEFT(A5500) can be accessed like normal through ping even HP web access.Right now, I can only access the RIGHT(A3100) switch through the console. ip vpn-instance vpn-instance-name · Enter IPv4 VPN view: a. ip vpn-instance vpn-instance-name. b. address-family ipv4. Configurations made in VPN instance view apply to both IPv4 VPN and IPv6 VPN. IPv4 VPN prefers the configurations in IPv4 VPN view over the configurations in VPN instance view. 3. Configure route targets. May 16, 2012 · One of the most important ones are Route Targets (RT). When you create a virtual vpn-instance, you usually assign it at least one import and one export RT. When a route is taken from this vpn-instance to the BGP-MP, the route is assigned the RT to the extended community of the route. Feb 12, 2015 · C. The switch maintains a separate routing table and LFIB for each VPN instance. D. The switch maintains a separate routing table for each VPN instance and uses a single LFIB. Answer: B. Question: 3. An HP Comware switch uses the MDC feature and has two MDCs defined Administrators want MDC 1 and MDC 2 to be able to exchange traffic. - create a VPN instance for each VLAN, so it will have its own routing table - for each VPN instance: create a route between the VPN instance and the VPN instance of VLAN 101. I also tried doing it with policy based routing and ACL's but I was also not able to figure that out. Maybe that's not the way to go, or maybe I'm not doing it right.

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Have an mpls vpn-instance created on a 12508 switch. I have a tunnel interface created within the mpls vpn-instance and using this tunnel interface, and a loopback interface as source that's also in the vpn I want to create a gre tunnel to a cisco device through an ipsec vpn. Jul 12, 2018 · Nos Switches e Roteadores utilizando o Sistema Operacional Comware (3Com, H3C e HPN) a feature é chamada de “vpn-instance“. Mais informações em: Compre GUIA BÁSICO PARA CONFIGURAÇÃO DE May 15, 2014 · HP commands sys [slave1]#vlan 122 [slave1]#port GigabitEthernet3/0/10 to GigabitEthernet3/0/25 [slave1]#save All the ports will be assign Vlan 122 .it is not equal to port range command in Cisco devices Cisco commands Switch(config)#interface range fastethernet0/1 – 20 Switch(config-if-range)#speed 100