Hi. Today, Windows Update installed some updates on my Windows 10 system (compilation of Windows 10 17134.228). I have a hyper-v virtual machine running in the background, but when the Windows update reboots the computer, do not worry about the status of the VM and simply restart the computer.

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Hyper-V for Windows Servers is an add-on to the Windows Server OS. Hyper-V Servers, on the other hand, is a standalone solution that can be used to manage virtual and dedicated server instances

Install Agents on Hyper-V - VIPRE Security To update a Hyper-V agent on a host computer, follow the same steps outlined for installation. This installs the new Hyper-V agent on the host computer without changing the status of your guest computers. To Uninstall the Hyper-V agent from the host computer: Go to “Control Panel/Programs and Features” on the host computer Hyper v virtualization disabled in firmware Full guides

Hyper-V is not a tool for inexperienced PC users. It’s a utility, which replaces Microsoft Virtual PC and allows running multiple operating systems on a single device. Hyper-V simplifies the lives of software developers, professional IT workers or tech-savvy people who opt for working or experimenting with multiple OS, including various Linux

Jul 11, 2017