There are a couple of other ways to change your IP address and thus hide your location. Using a proxy service: In general, it works much like a VPN. A proxy acts as a middleman that connects to the website for you and sends it the proxy's address instead of yours.

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Hiding Your Location on Facebook Click on the “Status” button Type in your status update as you normally would You will see that your location will automatically appear if you have `Location Services` activated on your mobile Click, or tap, on the “Check-In” icon below your status (the one in the

In the Facebook mobile app, tap the location to remove it. On the iPhone, you can turn off location services for Facebook entirely by going to Settings > Location Services, and turning it off for

Remove, Disable Facebook Places | Turn Off Location On Facebook introduced a “Places” feature back in 2010 which lets users share their location with their friends whenever they post a status update, upload images, comment or do other activity on their Facebook profile. This can be useful at times, but not many users seem to appreciate this feature which reveals their location information in every post or status update they make. How to hide your location from Facebook Messenger and Jun 02, 2015 How To Hide Facebook Groups From Your Timeline